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Headhunter Chronicles - TV Show hosted by Jason Bruce

The help from Stealth Films in the last 18 months has been a great part in the success for Headhunter Chronicles. As I have learned its not easy to make outdoor TV.

Steve has captured some great wildlife and over the shoulder kill shots that were incredible. Thanks for the great footage you have produced for me and Headhunter Chronicles. It takes a team to produce outdoor TV and thanks to the filming I have these adventures captured forever. 

Thanks Jason Bruce 

Host and Founder

Headhunter Chronicles


Deep Woods Adventures

It’s rare to work with a professional that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.  Steve Couper of Stealth Films is just that professional.  I recently travelled from the United States to New Zealand to film my hunt for a pilot television series.  Our conditions were harsh.  It was the dead of winter and the terrain was physically strenuous and demanding. We must have hiked 30 or 40 miles that week (mostly vertical). Despite the conditions, he carried the added weight of a tripod the entire time to avoid the possibility of any unsteady shots.

And as always when filming hunts and wildlife, there are no second chances. It takes a special skill for someone to capture what I’m seeing with my own eyes. I couldn’t worry about what was being caught on tape though it was vitally important. Steve got everything I saw and needed without any direction from me.  In fact, I didn’t even sense his presence, which is integral when you only have a split second to take the shot that produces an ethical hunt on film..

Upon reviewing the footage that Steve captured, I was stunned. His work was outstanding.  He’s a creative genius with technical skills to match. Everyone who saw the raw footage was riveted, it played like a documentary without it even going to the editing room.   It was visually breathtaking particularly the aerial footage from our helicopter.

I hired a cameraman but I got a director, an artist, an outdoorsman, a filmmaker and a logistics coordinator all in one.  His daily rate was nothing compared to the savings in editing hours.  There’s little to do, Steve made sure of that.

I will be flying Steve to the US to film with me again.  The added cost to have him travel is nothing compared to the guaranteed results and savings I have working with Steve.  Thank you Steve.  There’s no way I would have been able to tell my story as well as it’s being told without you.  


Lanny Lambert 

Creative Director and Founder

 Deep Woods Adventures


NZ Trophy Hunting

Steve Couper has now filmed our clients hunts on several occasions, as well as spending time securing valuable live animal footage. We find Steve's style does not intrude on the hunt, and he has the knack to catch special moments and angles that record the story very well. Results have been of very high quality. We have no hesitation in recommending his services and the end result is value for money spent.

Tim Buma
Professional Hunter
New Zealand Trophy Hunting Ltd

Lee Bohner, Sporting Adventures, California USA

In my 32 years selling hunting and fishing trips on six continents, you are the BEST video cameraman I have ever seen or worked with. You simply are outstanding !

Don Patterson, Manuka Point Lodge, New Zealand

Steve Couper possesses a unique natural ability to capture all of those "exhilarating hunting moments" in a 100% professional and totally unobtrusive way. It is my pleasure to fully endorse his filming and editing services. You won't be disappointed!

Don Patterson
P.H. & Owner of Manuka Point Lodge
New Zealand

Rick Schwencer, USA

I was so glad that I had Stealth Films there to professionally film the two hunts. With both the Tahr and the Red Stag being world class top ten trophies it is great to know that we have the entire hunt on film. Steve was a class act. I never even knew he was there, and in bow hunting that extra person can sometimes be a problem.
Thanks for everything, sincerely

Rick Schwencer

Mary Whitworth

Dear Steve,

The video is priceless! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You & Celia did an absolutely fantastic job & we couldn't be happier! Everything went together marvellously - the pictures, the story, the music - just perfect! The maps were a terrific addition too - Johnny & I had talked before about wishing maps were included on our tapes - great touch! You’re both extremely talented & we’re so lucky! (It tickled me to see you in the film, as well!) Thank you, thank you, a million times, thank you!!!!

Much love,  Mary

Johnny & Mary Whitworth, USA

Without a doubt, Steve captured the essence of our New Zealand hunt! His eye is that of an artist, filming the canvas of his country; but his heart is that of a hunter who knows how to capture the intricacies of the hunt, traverses the terrain like a Tahr, and catches 'the moments' even before you have that chance to catch your breath.


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