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"The camera expertise I now have takes me all over the world filming hunting. Individual clients and hunting television shows".

Hunting in New Zealand is something I have enjoyed all my life. I regularly get in to the bush stag hunting ..... normally with my video camera for my deer hunting videos, but I do take the occasional animal for the table.

Fishing in New Zealand is world class and I take every opportunity to go fly fishing for trout on dry flies. River trout fishing on small clear mountain streams is one of the best fly fishing experiences you can have!


From a young age I had an interest in cameras and that fascination has never left me.  Almost inevitably I ended up in the film industry.  As a cameraman my skills  have been acquired from many years working in the camera department on films for the big screen, documentary videos and television.


Clients include:

  •   Lord of The Rings
  •   Worlds Fastest Indian
  •   Peter Pan
  •   The Water Giant
  •   Discovery Channel
  •   Disney Channel
  •   National Geographic

I continue to work as a member of the camera crew in the filming of TV commercials for the international market.

My knowledge of editing and post production completes the picture.

I belong to the following organisations:

Registered Member - NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association
Associate Member - NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association

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elephant01.jpg"I hired a cameraman but I got a director, an artist, an outdoorsman, a filmmaker and a logistics coordinator all in one". 

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